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Enthusiastic, Energetic and Excited to Meet New People

There will be no much about this post. I've had been not blogging since forever. The idea come and gone, and when I wrote this post I just had one thing in my thought. "Why should I blog again?" The answer is "memory". I am now 27 and will be 28 by April 29. And my memory is full of anxiety about my life. I often forgot the memory of happiness, excited. And I wish want remember it again from now on.  In the past me, I am enthusiastic, energetic, and excited to meet new people. But now, I feel it gone. I just want my old fiends, I just want my old connections. Maybe I expect too much to new people, or maybe I just closed my connection for new people. It's not like I want it. But it's hard for me to feel old feeling for new people. This blog is hope for me, The hope that I will open again for new people. Please, if you read this writing, be kind to me, I will never forget that.